Standard Features Seats 2 – 3
36 – Total hydrotherapy jets
1 x 6.0 BHP 2 speed super low flow energy pump
Digital Balboa® control system
Del Ozone with Mazzei injector
50 sq. ft. filter system
Adjustable stainless-steel jets
Multi-colored LED main light
Balboa® LED lighted waterfall
ABS backed acrylic shell
G90 Galvanized Steel Frame
2lb. spray foam insulation
Insulated composite paneling with aluminum heat barrier
Solid ABS floor system
Matching spa cover
External drain
California Energy approved*
Optional Features Bluetooth Stereo System
Frog Sanitation System
UV Ultraviolet sanitation system
LED Lighted air controls
LED Lighted cup holders
LED Perimeter lighting
Air-X Soft tissue message jets
Wifi Controls

Dimensions and Weights
82in. x 65.5in. x 33in. Empty: 590Lbs.
Fill Weight: 2761Lbs.
260 gallons

  • Seating: 3
  • Capacity: 260 gal.