Inteli-Heat, Self-regulating Titanium Smart Heater Neck/Shoulder Therapy Jetting Exclusive No Leak ‘Hydro-Lock’ Plumbing Hydro-Therm System MP3 Audio with Subwoofer 8. 2 speakers BLUE TOO`I’H Enabled (Optional) 1 Stainless LED Light 12 LED Perimeter Lights Full Foam Insulation ABS Bottom for protection from erosion 59 Stainless Steel Jets Plumbed using 100% Anti-Fungicide tubing to prevent nasty bacteria back-up in plumbing lines resulting in cleaner water and less chemical use. Proudly Made In `I’I1e USA

Standard Features

Size: 92’x 92′ by 36′ Deep
Seats: 6
Weight: 950 lbs.
Capacity: 425 Gallons
Jets: 59 Stainless Steel Jets (Balboa Jet
Upgrade Available)
Pump: 2 – 6HP EnergySaver
Voltage: Balboa Controls 220V 50 Amp

Shell Colors: Tuscan Sun, Sterling, Midnight
Canyon Cabinet Colors: Mahogany, Mocha.
Grey Cover Colors: Walnut, Light Grey, Old

  • Seating: 6 People
  • Capacity: 425 Gal