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Are you looking for the best above ground pools? Then choose Pool and Spa Clearance Center in Commerce, GA specializing in Evolution Above Ground Pool and Master II. Above ground pools are a great option for people who want to enjoy fun activities in a pool without investing the time and money required for an in ground pool. Such pools can be installed quickly, and are easy to dismantle and transport if you ever move to a new home. We specialize in Evolution and Master series above ground pools. These pools are made with durable materials and available in various sizes. Our Complete above ground pool packages are all inclusive and bundled to deliver to you at the best price possible.

  • Deluxe Maintenance Kit
  • Frame
  • Ladder
  • Liner
  • Pool
  • Sand or Cartridge Filter system
  • Skimmer Kit with Return
  • Wall

We offer a variety of sizes in two poplar shapes to provide you with the best options to fit your needs.
Round: 15,18,21,24,27,30,33
Oval: 12X24, 15X25, 15X30, 18X33, 21X41

Above Ground Pools

Evolution Above Ground Pool

Lifetime warranty

Frame is built with 7 inch extruded resin ledges, 6 inch extruded resin verticals, resin top and bottom plates and resin rails. Wall is made of galvanized steel, reinforced with layers of copper bearing alloy, alkaline cleaned zinc bonderized coating, chronic seal, primer and all-weather enamel painted protective coating. Wall has stainless steel service panels. Exterior side of the wall a textured Crystex coat sealant adds protection for all weather conditions. Stainless steel hardware for extended life and high strength steel fasteners where required.


35 year warranty

Frame All frame components are alkaline-cleaned copper bearing steel with G-110 hot dipped galvanized, Wall has stainless steel service panels, Top rail is 7” extruded resign.

Master II

25 year warranty

Solid workmanship combined with style and engineering innovation produces the Master II. This specific pool can uniquely adapt to any background. It will be the highlight of all outdoor activities year after year. Frame  – All frame components are alkaline-cleaned copper bearing steel with G-110 hot-dip galvanization. Wall – High-glossed 3-coat, 3-baked ACRYLIC ENAMEL finish with contemporary wood herringbone pattern. All walls are alkaline-cleaned G-110 hot dip galvanized copper bearing steel. Deep corrugation for added wall strength and walls are pre-cut to accept skimmer and filter return fittings. Vertical and Top Seats – completely coated with 2-toned textured SILTEX (baked vinyl coating) with pebble grained appearance. A premium protective finish! Top And Bottom Rails – Baked acrylic enameled interlocking rails provide extra support for a fully unitized frame and wall assembly. Seat Covers – 6-mil vinyl coated 2-piece snap-lock covers cap top seats and distribute stress to load bearing verticals.

Silver Oak

15 year warranty

Realistic multi color lithography over baked acrylic enamel for long lasting beauty and durability, Baked acrrylic enamel wall and frame provide years of fade resistant wear in all climates, All steel components are hot-dipped galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.


5 Year Warranty

Universal structure of 1 inch top and bottom galvanized steel rails provide a “post-lock” frame construction, White Enamel painted, One inch galvanized steel vertical, Universal top and bottom connectors, Lock rails together and bolts into the verticals.